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Your Earning Potential*

World Financial Group (WFG) offers an excellent income opportunity, whether you’re looking at the business as a twin career or a full-time commitment. With WFG’s attractive compensation package, you can also take advantage of a number of incentives, including supervisory overrides, trails and renewals, as well as participation in bonus pools and stock programs.

* The World Financial Group Compensation System and Promotion Guidelines are subject to change at any time.

Producer Stock Purchase Plan (PSPP)

This program allows a World Financial Group associate to use up to 25 percent of his/her commissions payments to purchase stock.

You’re in Control of Your Success

At World Financial Group (WFG), your growth is based on your hard work and determination, with promotions given based on the work that you do. Your only competition is your will to win and your desire to make it happen.

Unique Dual Income Opportunity

TFA Representatives have a unique dual income opportunity. You can earn your income by not only helping your roster of clients, but also by building a team of TFA Representatives. As team leader, you can override a portion of your team member's production. By continuing to help clients grow their assets, you have the opportunity to grow a business to last a lifetime.

Many people have experienced various levels of success with World Financial Group. However, individual experiences may vary. This statement is not intended to nor does it represent that any current individual's results are representative of what all participants achieve when following the World Financial Group system.